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Nov 21, 2018 Good Bye, Cheetah!: ...live long, and prosper!
Oct 12, 2018 Fall Round of Pickles: ... out of heavy machinery
Sep 26, 2018 Back from Three Years of Silence...: ... [crickets]
Sep 25, 2018 B-Log v2: ...the long-needed updates
Jul 03, 2015 Cleaning up Light Coves on Wingtips for Cheetah: ... I hate sanding!
Dec 10, 2014 CGR30 and the Wheelpants: lots of upgrades
Nov 23, 2014 Rack-o-Ribs: lotsa hours
Oct 24, 2014 Strobe Shields for Cheetah: ... fun with stretcher
Oct 07, 2014 Metal Pickles: Russian autumn tradition
Sep 03, 2014 Banging Sheet Metal: making bulges
Sep 01, 2014 Drag Wires, Aileron, et al: completing and refining
Aug 28, 2014 SolidWorks Models: commonly used items
Aug 21, 2014 Drag and Anti Drag Wires: the beginnings
Aug 18, 2014 Ken Blackman's Story: ... on landing
Aug 18, 2014 Messing with Cheetah, Footstep and Friends: ... all in TX summer
Aug 12, 2014 Wings and Control System: done..! Well, almost
Jul 14, 2014 Rant 1: On Building: why's, and such...
Jul 07, 2014 An Unintended Trip: meet 9891U
Jun 17, 2014 Fitting Lower Wings To The Fuse: in search for missing bends
Jun 16, 2014 Lower Wing Fittings and Torque Tube: cleanup, and more bending
Jun 15, 2014 Torque Tube Basics: for now, just the bare minimum
Jun 09, 2014 Pushrods, bearings, and clearance: slowly getting there
Jun 07, 2014 The Shop Day: ... and how it turns into two weeks
May 22, 2014 Bellcrank and Idler: Bending and twisting virtual metal
May 21, 2014 Aileron-To-Rib - Alignment: Fixed mis-alignment in ailerons
May 20, 2014 B-Log, The Nerd's Builder's Log: How I went about b-logging
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