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Aside from the typical "on this blog, you will see my musings on building my Skybolt", blablabla...

I have set out to combine fulfilling the FAA requirement to document the build with the desire to actually have it public. Being a nerd, doing it in the form of a B-Log (Builder's Log.. whad did you think that stood for? :) ) seemed to be natural - so I did.

My thinking... there's not so many truly comperhensive builder's logs out there... so I'd make one.

By the way, I have collected the builder's logs I think are super-informative under the Links menu... As you can see, not so many.

I ended up creating a semi-custom piece of software that does this for me (I hate KitLog...). You can read more about it here.


I have caught the building bug when I first saw an RV-8 in Watsonville, and wanted to build one ever since.

I like giving people rides though, and I likes having more than one victim in my plane, so, after many hours of deliberation, reading through VAF forums, and researching designs, I've settled on an RV-10, since that was the only 4-seater RV. It had to be an RV, of course, since it is the best !/$, it is the most popular design, and it looks so much like my Grumman Tiger that I just loved (and still do, even though I had to sell it). Ohh, the fun N28797...

All that until I got a ride in a Stearman. After that, I was 100% hooked on open cockpit, biplanes, and aerobatic -- and by then, I also have researched much more, realizing that I want to build to build, and therefore, scratch-built was a way to go.

Choosing between various 2-seater bipes, Skybolt came in natural, since I believe that that's the prettiest biplane (well, second-prettiest, to be exact, after Stearman, naturally). And hey, after Im done with the Bolt, I will build a Hatz with a Rotec Radial and paint it blue-and-yellow :).

For a long time I haven't had any means, place, or tools to build, so I did the second best thing to building -- I started redrawing the plans in 3D CAD, building my plane virtually. That helped me understand the plans and make sure things fit if done to plans' dimensions w/o actually wasting any material.

Since you're reading this, it is probably online. At the time I was writing this page, the shop was done, I had all the tools, and the only thing between me and those lower wing ribs is finishing touches on the lower wing model (to make sure those verticals don't interfere with drag / anti-drag wires and aileron push-pull tubes).

Anyways.. This is it for now. Happy Surfing!


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